New Solid Walnut Wood Window Display Gift Box for Gold Fractional Rounds

Monarch Precious Metals

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Crafted from solid premium walnut wood, these custom boxes are designed specifically to house the fractional gold products offered by Monarch Precious Metals. They accommodate any of our fractional gold rounds, including 1/4 gram, 1/2 gram, 1 gram, 1/100th oz, and 1/10th oz sizes, providing an elegant way to display or gift these precious items. The box features a unique design that uses the coin capsule as a window to showcase the encapsulated round inside. It remains securely closed with the help of four rare earth magnets, yet opens easily when needed. The back of the box is branded with the Monarch crown logo.

**PLEASE NOTE: This is an empty box. Gold rounds are NOT included. Capsules are not included (all of Monarch's fractional gold rounds are sold in capsules that fit in these boxes).**

Manufacturer: Monarch Precious Metals
Condition: New