1/100 oz .9999 Fine Gold Round - Monarch - American Bald Eagle (Sealed in Capsule)

Monarch Precious Metals

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1/100 troy ounce gold round. This item is entirely hand made (sheets are hand rolled, blanks are individually cut, and the rounds are stamped one at a time). The front of the round reads "Monarch Precious Metals" with the signature MPM crown logo. The back is marked "1/100 Troy Oz, .9999 Fine Gold" and features a detailed depiction of an American Bald Eagle. Each round is encased in an air tight capsule.  For quantities in increments of 10, the capsules are tubed.

Manufacturer: Monarch Precious Metals
Condition: New
Thickness: 0.01 inches
Weight (Troy Oz): 0.01
Purity: .9999+
Diameter: 0.375 inches