Solid Copper Domino Game Double Six Set - Traditional Viking Design Darkened

The Copper Kingdom

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Set of pure 999 copper dominoes from The Copper Kingdom.  These come packaged in a solid walnut storage box.  This a set of double six dominoes (28 tiles total).

The artisans at The Copper Kingdom handcraft each individual tile to create a game set that can be passed down for generations.  First they start off with an extruded copper piece, cut it down to size, and sand each tile until it is smooth and meaures 1" x 2" x 1/4" thick. The design is hand stamped onto each piece and then dipped in a solution that oxidizes the copper, followed by more sanding and polishing to bring back the distinct copper luster to all the surfaces. This leaves just the darker look on the numbering/design parts, giving it a nice contrast and aged look. The final step is applying a thin clear coating to make sure that the look lasts as long as possible when being used. 

Since each individual domino tile is hand made, they will have slight variations from one piece to another.  This high quality gaming set is housed in a custom made solid walnut box with the Copper Kingdom logo burned into the top.  The boxes for these double six domino sets have a removable wooden divider which allow the dominoes to be stacked on their sides to create a separate inner compartment for storing a single deck of cards or other gaming accessories.

Manufacturer: The Copper Kingdom
Condition: New
Length: 2.00 inches
Width: 1.00 inches
Thickness: 0.25 inches
Purity: .999+

1 Review

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    very nice

    Posted by John on Aug 24th 2022

    The box is a nice storage container, be sure to hold tightly as the pieces are quite weighty. The lid could be better if it was a slider!