Pair of .999 Fine Silver Handcrafted Gaming Dice with Box - Skull Design

The Copper Kingdom

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Pair of handcrafted solid .999 fine silver gaming dice from The Copper Kingdom.  These come packaged in a custom gift/display box.

The artisans at The Copper Kingdom start off by hand pouring each individual die into a special 3-D mold.  The rough silver cube is then placed into a special custom die set and stamped under high pressure to form a more balanced silver cube measuring approximately 16mm. The design is hand stamped onto each of the 6 sides. Each pair of dice is then dipped in a solution that oxidizes the silver, followed by hand polishing to bring back the silver shine to all the surfaces. This leaves just the darker look on the numbering/design parts, giving it a nice contrast and aged look.

Since each pair of these dice are hand made, they will have slight variations from one piece to another. The average total weight for each pair of dice is approximately 80 grams (over 2.5 troy ounces) of .999 fine silver.  The roll consistency is about the same as standard plastic injected dice, but these are not made to be precision machined dice with casino quality results. These high quality dice are in mind for the avid collector and the true game enthusiast.

Manufacturer: The Copper Kingdom
Condition: New
Length: 0.63 inches
Width: 0.63 inches
Thickness: 0.63 inches
Purity: .999+