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Natural Gold Nugget in Glass Vial - 2.0 gram Average Weight

0.0691 troy oz (2.15 gram) Natural Gold Nugget Specimen in Vial
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  • Glass vial containing 1 natural gold nugget specimen.  The exact weight of the nugget you will receive may vary from 1.85 to 2.05 grams, with the average weight being 2.00 grams. While no two nuggets will ever be exactly alike, the majority of the nuggets in this group will measure approximately 1/2 inch long.


    All of Monarch's natural gold nuggets were sourced directly from the rivers and streams in our local Southern Oregon/Northern California area. Each natural gold specimen is a one of a kind work of art produced by nature itself. The purity of the gold will vary from one nugget to another, but the average nugget is approximately 22K (0.916 purity).

  • Manufacturer:   Mother Nature
    Condition:   New
    Purity:   22k
    Gold Content:  0.0691 Troy OZ
  • There are no reviews yet for this product.